Friday, June 20, 2014

Girl Scout Jr. Camper Badge

Resiliency Training has partnered with the Girl Scouts to give the Troops an opportunity to earn their Camper Badge through fun and interactive activities. The knowledge, skills, and fun the girls will have during this program will give them memories that can last a lifetime! During this program, the girls will talk about the importance of protecting themselves from the elements if they are outside overnight. They will create their own paracord bracelets that they will get to keep as a souvenir of the day. They will use their bracelets to learn how to lash together a tripod to create the framework for a debris hut which they will create as a team. The girls will learn cooperation and feel empowered with the knowledge they will gain from the class.

The program will also teach how to correctly build a fire and start a fire without a match. Fire safety will be emphasized at all times.

To find out more about the Girl Scout programs offered by Resiliency Training, visit the website at or call Shannon at 262-515-5331.

Hi Shannon! Thank you so much for the photos!  And even more importantly, thank you for the terrific camping adventure!  The girls had a blast learning and practicing their new skills!  You have a wonderful program and we are so happy we found you! Do you have a part 2 to your program?  If so, we’d be very interested in it for next year. Thanks again. Your program is awesome!  I will be recommending it to the other troops at the school. Enjoy the summer!”
M. G.
Girl Scout Cadette Troop #3003 Leader

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