Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Girl Scout Flower Badge Program

Resiliency Training has partnered with the Girl Scouts of SE Wisconsin to create a great program for the Junior Flower Badge. This program can be done year round and it is a great way for the troop to learn about the wonderful healing abilities that certain plants have as well as the different parts of a flower and what they do. In this fun, interactive class, the girls will be assigned the different parts of a flower and act out what those parts do. They will then work in teams or pairs to label the parts of the flower on a handout. Next the girls will learn about the medicinal qualities in plants and make a healing salve with a popular garden flower called calendula.

This class can be done anywhere indoors or outdoors. It is sure to be a bit hit with all the girls! To see more about this class, go to or call Shannon at 262-515-5331.

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