Thursday, January 15, 2015

Body Butter Class!

First class of the 2015 season started out with a fantastic group of ladies at the Greenfield Community Center. We made up a batch of body butter and everyone was able to choose their own essential oil to create a unique product to take home. The great thing about these classes is the community and networking that occurs while we are "cooking" up a body care product. Strangers become friends over the course of a two hour class.

Many more classes coming up for Greenfield! Next week we will be doing a Medicinal Tea class and the week after that Cold Process Soap making. If you are interested in making your own products and becoming more self-reliant, these are a great series of classes to take. I will also be teaching how to make your own laundry soap, healing salve, insect repellent and so much more!!

Head to for a full list of class and how to sign up!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Overnight Outdoor Survival Class

Hosted by: Shannon Francis of Resiliency Training LLC
When: Saturday, June 27, 2015
Where: Ice Age Trail located near Waukesha, WI
Age Requirement: 18 +
Skill Level Required: Ability to hike 4.6 miles in and out of base camp
Participants: 8
Cost: $165 per person
Includes: Tents set up at base camp, wood for cooking fire, supper first night, breakfast second morning and all class materials

I have received many requests to host an overnight outdoor survival class that will allow for more in-depth discussion and skill development and so I will be offering what I think will be an incredible experience for a small group of outdoor enthusiasts.

We will be meeting at 10:00 am at an Ice Age Trail head on Saturday, June 27th. After a group meet and greet, we will begin the 4.6 mile hike to our campsite. Along the way we will be identifying edible and medicinal plants and discuss various uses. We will also be gathering materials to make cordage (rope) and learning various knots. We will discuss priorities in a survival situation and water procurement. We will stop for lunch along the trail that will include some wild edibles.

By early afternoon we will reach base camp that will be set up in advance of the group's arrival so we will have more time to discuss and create the perfect overnight survival shelter. We will break for matchless fire making skill session that will lead into creating the perfect cooking fire for supper. After supper we will practice making cordage from various grasses collected during the hike.

The evening will be reserved for more relaxed social time and trying out the shelter that the group created. Participants are free to sleep overnight in the shelter but tents will be provided for those that seek a little bit more comfort.

We will be up for an early am skillet breakfast featuring wild edibles and review skills from the previous day. Participants will also create their own paracord bracelet and take one home with them. After packing up the camp, we will journey back the 4.6 miles and review the edible and medicinal plants discussed the previous day.

If you would like to participate in the trip, contact Shannon Francis at or 262-515-5331.