Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girl Scout Cadette Tree Badge


Resiliency Training has partnered with the Girl Scouts to come up with a variety of Badge Programs that are fun, interactive and easily brought to any location.

The Cadette Tree Badge starts off with a team building activity to get the girls active and build group cooperation. Then we head into the park to take a look at different trees. We will point out the different type of trees that are in the park and discuss what the trees provide for us. We will talk about how to get water, food and nutrition from trees. The girls will take on the various part of the tree and act out how the tree converts sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into energy and oxygen. Then they will try some pine tea which is packed full of vitamin C not to mention a tasty drink! They will also shell some wild foraged nuts and create a quick healthy snack they will be able to eat right away!

By the end of the class they will have a new appreciation for trees, know the different parts of the tree and what job each performs as well as discuss the process of photosynthesis! This class can be done year round and in any location throughout the Milwaukee area.

The cost of the class is just $15 per girl (troop leaders and adult chaperones are free). To find out more about this class as well as other badge programs, go to or call 262-515-5331.


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