Friday, October 5, 2012

Course Listing

These are the class offerings I will be doing for the Milwaukee Recreation Department in 2013. You are welcome to contact me directly to get them as a private course.

Outdoor Thriving Skills (2 hours)

Ages 16 and up. Go beyond basic survival and learn how to THRIVE in the outdoors! Learn cool tricks to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and leave you more time to relax and simply enjoy the experience of being in the wilderness. Participants will learn quick ways to purify water outdoors, make cordage, use fungus as a fire extender, and how to lash a multipurpose tripod as part of setting up the ideal base camp. Participants will also learn the many uses of paracord and then make their own quick release paracord bracelet and take one home!

Survival Plants (2 hours)

Ages 16 and up. There are several plants that everyone should know about that could someday save your life if you end up having to spend a long time outdoors. These “survival plants” have multiple functions such as providing shelter materials, first aid medicines, anti-bug deterrents and are packed full of nutrition and carbohydrates. Learn how to identify and use these plants in a fun interactive class.

Urban Thriving Class (2 hours)

Ages 8 and up. There is an amazing feeling of empowerment when you have the skills and knowledge to be prepared in the event of any emergency. In this class, practice basic first aid procedures, prepare a family emergency action plan, build an emergency kit, learn how to prepare for an In-Shelter Emergency and join a network of like-minded people in the Milwaukee Area.

Build Your Own Water Purifier (2 hours)

Ages 16 and up. Water purifiers are expensive and there are so many out there to choose from. Several times a year, Milwaukee issues a water boiling advisory and there is always the potential that your water could get shut off for days or even weeks at a time. Wouldn’t it be great to already have a system in place where you won’t have to worry about boiling water? Learn how to build your own five gallon water purifying system to be prepared in the event of a water emergency. *For an additional $35, take one home with you! (Includes a high quality Royal Doulton 10’ Super Sterasyl Ceramic Gravity Filter)

Cattail Basket Making (2 hours)

Ages 16 and up. The cattail is an amazing plant that provides many useful functions to the outdoors person. One great aspect of the cattail is the long, flexible leaves that provide outstanding material for weaving and basket making. In this class, participants will create their own cattail basket using cattail leaves and cordage from the outdoors.

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