Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trust Fall

A simple quick way to build trust between two people is the Trust Fall. This is part of a Low Ropes Initiative that facilitators can use to get people past the physical barrier and build trust prior to entering onto the elements. Its also a fun activity for family members. With the right positioning, kids can spot for adults and start to shift their perceptions of how they can support their parents. Parents learn to depend on their children in a way that may be new to them and help develop a deeper connection to them. Communication is key to the Trust Fall. A typical transaction would go as follows:

Spotter says, "Faller, are you ready?"
Faller responds, "Faller ready."
Spotter says, "Fall on."
Faller responds, "Falling."

The positions are equally important. The faller needs to be a straight line, with arms and feet tucked tight like to picture above. The entire body is in a straight line as well. The spotter will stand behind the faller with their palms cupped and held against the shoulder blades. This activity occurs several times with the spotter putting thier hands slightly farther away from the faller with each fall thereby building up trust.

Try it with a friend or family member!

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