Monday, September 17, 2012

Shelter Building

Shelter Building may seem like a pretty straightforward concept. Put a bunch of sticks together, throw some leaves on top and be done with it. But IF you want to actually stay overnight in the shelter you just took the time to build, there is a little more involved with it.

The Debris Hut shelter is a very basic shelter to make if you have access to a lot of branches and leaves. After choosing the location, the first thing you need to do is measure the size you need to make your shelter. Lay on ground and mark where your feet and head will go. Next, bring two sticks together to form the support "V" that you see in front in the picture above. You want the "V" to be just large enough to put your body inside of the debris hut. These sticks can be tied together with some cordage or other material. Stick them FIRMLY in the ground. Next, find a long stick that will run from where your feet were placed up to the top of the "V" where it will fit snuggly in place. The total length will be your total body length. Size is important as you are trying to insulate yourself from the weather outside of the debris hut. The more air that is left to circulate, the more miserable your night will be.
The next step is to find sticks to lean against that middle pole. The sticks will vary in size as the
pole runs from the ground up to the "V". Put them close to each other and do both sides of the middle pole. The next part is the really timely part but also the most crucial. Get a lot of leaves. I mean a LOT. You are going to pile them on top of your debris hut until it has at least one to two feet in thickness. The more extreme the weather, the thicker you are going to want this protective barrier. Finally, shove leaves INSIDE the debris hut as well. Remember, you are trying to eliminate any extra air circulation.

You are going to want to block off that open area as well. You can build yourself a door and stack leaves against it as well or use a backpack if you have one.

Remember, have FUN!

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