Friday, October 26, 2012


One of my favorite things to do in some down time is make cordage. Today while waiting for my cattail bread to bake, I took the opportunity to make some cordage from grass and milkweed. The grass is the left hand side photo while milkweed is on the right.

Making cordage is difficult to explain in writing but the simplicity of the act is very easy to teach in person. Watching one person do it while replicating the simple steps is the best way to learn. There are certain materials from the natural environment that make very good cordage but trial and error is a good way to ascertain that yourself. Any strand of thin line can be made stronger by weaving it in the ropelike fashion that cordage is made. The stronger the original material, the stronger your cordage will be.

Knowledge of cordage making can be an excellent addition to your outdoor thriving skills. Cordage can be used for a a huge variety of things in the outdoors from building your shelter to a campfire tripod to hanging food in bear territory. If you venture into the Boundary Waters, you'll quickly learn that hanging your food is an absolute must otherwise you'll end up sharing your bounty with the plentiful black bear population. Cordage is also a fun, relaxing thing to do while sitting around the fire waiting for your food to cook.

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