Monday, December 31, 2012

Outdoor Survival Class Endorsement

I am already excited about the all the classes I'll be teaching in 2013 but my favorite class will always be outdoor survival skills. If you want to know more about what you can learn in the survival class and the ways it can benefit you, click on the link below to hear from one person's experience going through the class.

Check on my website at to see when the next Outdoor Suvival/Thriving class will be. Doesn't fit your schedule? I can do one on one trainings or small groups for a nominal fee dependent on what you are looking to learn. Do you really want to test your skills? Call me up and arrange for a winter survival class at a discounted price. I learned from one of the best, Art Sedlack, a former Park Ranger from Glacier National Park who took me deep into the park when there was over ten feet of snow and taught me how to thrive in the wilderness by watching the animals. During the cold, winter months it's even more important to watch and learn.

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