Friday, December 14, 2012

Class Schedule for Greenfield City Recreation Department

I am excited to announce that Resiliency Training LLC will be doing a variety of classes for the Greenfield Recreation Department starting in January of 2013. We are already doing classes for the City of Milwaukee Recreation Department. Classes will include topics such as herbal soap making, cattail basket making, how to use a compass and pace to navigate, outdoor survival skills, how to build your own emergency water purifier, how to prepare for a disaster and how to identify and use survival plants for food, shelter and first aid. The classes range from $20 to $55 for residents of Greenfield and $35 to $60 for non-residents. The higher priced classes will be for classes such as the soap making and water purifier and include materials to create your own soap/purifier to take home with you.

These classes will be located either at the Greenfield Community Center located off of Forest Home Avenue or Konkel Park located off of Layton Avenue. To register for these classes, go to the Greenfield Recreation Department website.

To see the class schedule and register for classes through the Milwaukee Recreation Department, go to the their website.

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