Friday, May 10, 2013

Resiliency Training Becomes Girlscout Community Event Provider

Resiliency Training has now partnered with the SE Wisconsin Girlscouts to provide outdoor  opportunities geared towards gaining Adventure Badges for the various age groups. Courses have been created just for Brownie Hikers, Junior Campers and Cadette Trailblazers. Troop leaders can contact Resiliency Training to set up programming for their troops and learn new skills such as trail map reading, using a compass, identifying edible food sources, quick camp knots, make a survival shelter and how to make a quick start matchless fire.

Under the Environmental Badge categorey, Resiliency Training created a program for Junior Flowers and Cadette Trees. In these courses, girlscouts will learn the science behind flower and tree parts and how they work as well as some amazing benefits both provide.

These courses are designed for troop members to earn a badge in the categories listed above.

To learn more and see these programs in detail, go to the SE Wisconsin Girlscouts webpage here.

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