Saturday, November 24, 2012

Community Projects for Seniors


On Thanksgiving morning, well over 400 people met at St. Francis in Milwaukee to put together over 4000 meals for seniors living in low income housing. We were placed in an efficient assembly line to cook, box and deliver the meals. The amount of planning that goes into coordinating this event was staggering and flawless. The age range of volunteers was from as young as eight to as old as ninety. The atmosphere was jovial yet every person there was putting 100% effort into what they were doing so that over 4000 seniors would have a hot meal and a little companionship on Thanksgiving. Volunteers drove right to the seniors' doors so they don't have to travel to get a meal during cold weather.  I was thankful to be apart of such an incredible effort and on going program. We will gather again at Christmas time and Easter to try to lesson stress, lonliness and depression for seniors during those times.  This is the type of community effort that brings out the very best in people. To find out more about this wonderful program, go to :

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