Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Etsy Store

After teaching classes on how to make wonderful, organic and natural products using oils, beeswax and herbs, I have partnered with another person to create a line of products to sell under the name Green Goddess Gardens. We now have our products in a store in Milwaukee and available to buy over the internet on Etsy

The process of creating Green Goddess Gardens was so much fun! It started with a large garden inspired by permaculture design. We were so lucky to have the Victory Garden Initiative help us out in the design and the hard physical labor of digging out the area.  Through a friend, we connected with an herbalist near Madison who was moving to Vermont. So off I went to see this wonderful garden and see what she had. We were able to purchase some medicinal plants from her that could be transplanted.  I came home with a comfrey plant, st. john's wort, mint, calendula, and mullein.  Shortly after that, some plantain and burdock just showed up one day in another part of the garden. The medicinal herb garden had begun! And as the summer progressed, they flourished! The comfrey plant went from a tiny bug chewed plant to a vigorous giant that stretched itself out over three square feet of space. The thick leaves came up to my waist!

Then the infusions started! We had jars and jars of hot and cold processed herbs, each one allowing healing herbal constituents to merge into the oil preparing to become a variety of salves, body butters, lotions and soaps.

Each batch of product we made was created in small batches for the highest quality.  The soaps were allowed to cure for at least 3 months before packaging. The journey to self-reliance has been such a joy. It all starts with small steps and a shifting of priorities. I love using products that I was a part of creating and which incorporate plants that I cared for throughout the summer. If you have a chance, visit our Etsy shop to see some of the amazing products we've created!

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