Saturday, June 1, 2013

Greenfield Outdoor Thriving Class

The variety of people I meet during my classes is really a huge part of why I enjoy teaching. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to learn about self-reliance and everyone has different backgrounds. Joel and Gunther, father and son, were going to embark on a hike the next day to tackle the Ice Age Trail and wanted to hone their current skills and learn some new tricks to wilderness survival. Both came with some experience and knowledge and a willingness to learn more. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the material was evident. It was nice seeing them working together to complete a project such as learning how to lash a tripod together with paracord. I also taught them how to create a quick release paracord bracelet they could take with them camping so they could continue practicing their new skill.

During this Outdoor Thriving Class I taught as an instructor for the Greenfield Recreation Department, we also tackled how to create cordage or rope from grass found at the park, how to create a great tinder pile you can start a fire with using a ferrocium rod, how to build a solar still to get purified water and identify catnip which can be used as an insect repellent - which was a great thing as there were plenty of mosquitos around.

The weather was perfect and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! My next class through Greenfield will be a body lotion making class to be held on June 12th. Go to to learn more and sign up!

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