Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Soap Making Class at Greenfield

Another great mix of ladies at the April 10th soap making class held at Greenfield Community Center. I like to ask the participants why they come to the class and it is always interesting to listen to the stories. One person has very sensitive skin and wanted to find a product that wasn't harsh to wash with. Another had already ventured into making laundry soap and wanted to create her own body soap. We also had a returning participant from the March class who simply enjoyed the class so much, she wanted to go through again. A common theme for everyone was the desire to become another step closer to self-sustainability and returning to a simpler time reviving skills that were commonplace in a bygone era. Since embarking on my business of teaching Resiliency Skills I have found this to be a common factor that has branched across all age understanding that big business does not have sustainable practices so we must become even more conscious of the choices we make in regards to the food we consume and the products that we use.

One reason I truly enjoy teaching this class is that is gives plenty of time to get to know the people who are taking the class. After all the ingredients are measured and everyone is taking turns stirring the batch, the group inevitably takes the time to get to know each other while we wait for the soap to "trace", There is a comraderie that is formed over this very simple yet satisfying task. Over two hours, strangers somehow become friends

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