Sunday, March 24, 2013

Discount Code for Milwaukee Survival Class

Resiliency Training will be doing an outdoor survival class June 15, 2013 that will be open to anyone aged 12 and up. The class is 9:00- am to 4:00 pm and will take place at Grobschmidt Park located at 3751 W. College Avenue in Franklin, WI. Grobschmidt Park contains approximately 154 acres of planted prairie, oak-hickory woodland, sedge meadow, and a six-acre pond with beaver. Grobschmidt Park is an area formerly used by Native Americans and is virtually undeveloped except for the park sign and walking trail. Birds you might encounter here include Red-winged Blackbird, Woodcock, Northern Flicker, Osprey, Brown Thrasher, Catbird, Northern Cardinal, Eastern Kingbird, Green Heron, Tree Swallow, and Sora rail. The park also provides great opportunities for viewing dragonflies and butterflies.

Join us for a fun, hands-on experience to learn the necessary skills to survive in the outdoors. Limited to 8 participants. Skills you will learn include:

Start a matchless fire, build a shelter, collect and purify water, create and use a paracord bracelet, identify and use survival plants and make cordage from plant material. Includes lunch, refreshments, and materials.

For those that have been following my blog, I offer a 20% discount on the individual fee of $75 for this class. You need only use the voucher code U3SKSIM5 to be used at the check-out. Go to

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