Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soap Making Fun at Greenfield Community Center

I had a great time with Mary Lou, Monica, Sue and Deb last night making Goat's Milk Soap at the Greenfield Community Center. The ladies had various reasons for wanting to make soap but they say they LOVE to buy homemade soaps and like knowing what's in the soaps they buy.

During the two hour class we made up a batch of soap using only all natural ingrediants including organic goat's milk, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sustainably sourced palm kernal oil and flakes as well as lye. The lye reacts with the oils to produce the soap. Once the products were all mixed together and reached "trace", we added some calendula flowers and oatmeal. The ladies will take their soaps home in plastic containers and keep them in a warm, draft free area covered up and within 24-48 they can cut it up. By this time, the lye will have dissipated and they will cover the soap back up and let it rest for an additional 6-8 weeks before using it. During this time, more water will evaporate making the soap harder so that it will last longer. Each participant took home two cups which will potentially be cut into 4-5  pieces.  In a two hour class they created what could be a year's supply of beautiful handmade organic soap to use at home!

They were a great group of ladies! We had a lot of fun and learned that creating your own soap can be a quick and easy project to do at home!

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