Friday, July 6, 2012

Survival Food

In congressional testimony, the Administrator of FEMA, Craig Fugate, described today's reality as follows: Government can and will continue to serve disaster survivors. However, we fully recognize that a government-centric approach to disaster management will not be enough to meet the challenges posed by a catastrophic incident. That is why we must fully engage our entire societal capacity..."

What is comes down to is this: it will be up to ourselves, our COMMUNITIES in which we live to support one another during times of a national disaster. The basics: food, shelter, and water will all be up to us to procure. The classic response to past disasters were Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) because the resources were readily availble. However, for a large portion of the population such as children and seniors or individuals with dietary or health restrictions, MREs are not a suitable food source as they tend to contain high level of fat and sodium and have very low levels of fiber. Freeze dried food can be a healthy alternative. This is a relatively new technology where full meals are "frozen" quickly and therefore keep their nutrition and taste when reconstituted with water. After Hurricane Katrina, the Government comissioned that these Arks be created through the Ready Project.

Check out the link to the ARK on my blog to find out more!

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